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A medical genius that used to be Lu Yin’s best friend, he holds a deadly grudge against his former classmate as well as his mentor. He has controversial medical ideas and isn’t held back by that pesky thing called morality.


Weapons and abilities




First Appearance

Lin Jing

Lin Jing is an expert in medicine that has applied his considerable talents for evil. Creating unique poisons and ailments that he uses to get revenge against those he felt wronged him.

Class mate, companion and nemesis of Lu Ying.

Intelligent and egoistic, his practical applications of medical treatment are often extreme and experimental, which has lead to the death of a patient. He parted away from the hospital where he practiced at only to be back to haunt the people he has disagreements with.

His games and riddles always involve the solving of medical complications. His victims face certain death if the riddles are not solved in time.

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