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Generation Wu

You may think the Xiake, the Kung-Fu heroes of old have gone extinct, but their legacy lives on. The heirs to ancient bloodlines and martial secrets are here, hiding in plain sight, moving silently among us, struggling with the trials and tribulations of urban life. These young masters may not have reached the peaks of power of their predecessors, yet, but they have modern technology to lend a helping hand. They have sworn to protect us from darkness, they are- Generation Wu.

Hero & Shero

An impossible love story that defies time and space. Mu is a stranger to our world, unable to remember his own past, innocent, naïve and full of a sense of wonder. Chen is a career driven young woman, stressed over her personal and professional life. Destiny brings these two very different souls together at the end of the world. Is it true that love can overcome all odds?

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