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Create . Entertain . Have fun

According to the Chinese myth, in ancient times the God Pangu created the universe out of the cosmic void.

Today standing at the edge of the future, Tan Comics creates an entire new universe of heroes and villains that will explode into the world of comics.

Founded in 2016, Tan Comics is composed of highly talented and motivated creators ready to take on the challenge of defining comics for the new era.

Our mission is to create high-quality original content and to collaborate with talented creators and companies to develop groundbreaking entertainment for the world.

We are proud to present our first title Generation Wu, a new generation of heroes with roots in ancient Chinese traditions fighting for righteousness. This mash of Wuxia and Superheroes will be the cornerstone of our expanding comic universe.

Our legend has just begun.


​Billy Tan

Billy Tan is a Malaysian American comic book artist. He has worked in the industry for almost 20 years. His early works include Tomb Raider, Tales of Witchblade and Spirit of the Tao for Top Cow. In 2004 Billy joined Marvel Comics where he worked on titles such as New Avengers, Uncanny X-Men, X-Force and X-23, where he helped define the character of Laura who would later appear in the hit movie Logan.

Rainy Xiao

Rainy Xiao is the Co-founder and COO of TAN Comics. Previously, she worked with SBCVC (SB China Venture Capital) for nine years, where she gained extensive experience in corporate operation and portfolio management. Before that, she was with Beijing MKQ Consulting Company and Beijing Baijia International E-Commerce Co., Ltd.

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